Top Tips When Lying a New Lawn

The perfect time to lay a new lawn from scratch is early autumn, when the grass can root easily. Follow the below advice to help you lay turf and cultivate a pristine lawn.

Garden Decking Ideas

It’s time to dust off your inspiration cap and take a look at some of the most fabulous, functional decks you’ve ever seen. Start with collection of dreamy, real-life garden decking.

Artificial Grass – Why It is for me!

Hurrah, it’s stopped raining for 10 minutes. Now, wouldn’t it be lovely to celebrate with afternoon tea in the garden? Excellent. So, you’ll be needing to pop to the shops for scones and cakes. And lawn seed and lawn fertiliser. Obviously lawn weedkiller, too, and those funny lawn aerating shoes, although the ground is so claggy après le deluge that a pair of the Duchess of Cambridge’s £300 leather-lined French wellies might be a better idea.

Garden Path Ideas

Some stunning garden inspiration, with design ideas to make your garden path a joy to walk down.