Shed Bases

Shed Base

When you are putting a shed in your garden, getting the right shed base is of crucial importance. After all, you wouldn’t try to build a house without laying foundation under it. It is very similar with a shed.

A good shed base provides a hard and leveled surface, which prevents many problems with the shed, like gaps/holes. It also prevents doors and windows coming out from the frames and even falling out with time. It also elevates the shed from the ground level preventing the water from getting in, which in turn prevents damp and rot from developing.

There are different kinds of shed bases:

  • timber
  • metal foundation base
  • concrete base

We are experienced in shed base construction and will supply or build from scratch, and dispose of any wastage.

Contact us to find out how we can help you ensure your shed will be long-lasting by providing you with a quality shed base.